Classic bipolar disorder affects approximately 1.3% of the adult population globally; but according to a research made by the Harvard Medical School in 2007, annually, an estimated 2.8% of U.S. adults have a bipolar disorder.

At Carolinas Mental Health, I help you to overcome the symptoms of your traumatic experiences by using Accelerated Resolution Therapy* (ART), relaxation methods, and other trauma informed therapy practices.

Imagine having the motivation and courage to “take off” your depression glasses and see the world from a more constructive and positive point of view. Imagine feeling empowered to face your feelings with courage and increasing your self-confidence

Grief is very personal and individual. A person can grieve for death or non-death related losses and the grieving process can be different for everyone

Experiencing an anxiety attack is often described as having a heart attack and the worry of a recurrence can trigger another attack.

At Carolinas Mental Health, our clinical staff is adept at diagnosing your anxiety, panic, or stress management issues, and then working with you to create a practical plan to make you feel better.